Pricing For Artists

Ryan Vai · April 2, 2024

This lesson covers… How to (finally) demystify pricing your work as an Artist. Learn to factor in a living wage, the cost of doing business, your time, supplies- everything. No crazy formulas, or one-size-fits all advice here. Artists need & deserve financial stability- this lesson brings you (The Artist) into the equation and puts your needs front and center. You’ll have access to a step-by-step breakdown of costs, how to simplify setting monthly sales goals, & gradually get to where you want to be financially. This is a comprehensive approach to pricing with minimal math & maximal results. 

This lesson is for:

  • Artists who have no idea how to price their work 
  • Artists struggling financially
  • Anyone confused or unclear about their monthly sales goals 
  • Artists who want to quit their day job & sell art full time 
  • Anyone with an independent business who totally sucks at math 
  • Artists who believe a living wage should be included in the price of their work

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